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Most of us are familiar with the sayings, “Small businesses are the backbone of the community” or “When you support small business you are supporting a dream.” Regardless of where you grew up, odds are there was a small business that in some way had an impact on your life. Perhaps it was a hardware store that sponsored your baseball team, a café you and your family went to for breakfast, or a dog groomer that gave you your first summer job. Looking back, it is easy to see how these businesses helped shape and bring your community together. It is hard to imagine what it would have been like without their influence.

Yelp informed, in September 2020, that approximately 164,000 small businesses in the United States using the Yelp platform have closed since the pandemic began in March. Fox Business reports over half of small-business owners fear the COVID-19 pandemic will close their operations by mid-2021. 48% of businesses are generating revenues below what they needed to stay in business

We have compiled a list of ways to support small business, the dreams, the families, the foundation that supports your community.

  • Order Carry Out Directly

Many restaurants are limited to carry out only. Call in your order to restaurant or order directly online and pick up or have the food delivered from the restaurant, not a third-party app. These apps require establishments to pay a fee to offer these services. Going straight to the establishment ensures the money goes directly to the small business.

  • Participate in Community Efforts

Join in “socially distant” or “virtual” events or be part of a “call to action”. Donate to or volunteer for a local nonprofit, take a virtual class, or share ideas with local businesses or  governments in finding ways to help.

  • Be Patient with Existing Orders

Small business may take a little longer than normal to fulfill orders or respond to questions. We are all in this together and it is not easy for any of us. Supply chains are interrupted, unemployment rates are up, employers have been forced to lay off employees, supplies are more difficult to get in stock, and job roles have shifted. Orders may take a little longer, but the businesses appreciate your support.

  • Prepay for Future Purchases by Buying Gift Cards

Loyalty counts especially right now; small businesses rely on regular customers even as they try to attract new clientele.  Service businesses are the most affected by the pandemic because they are the riskiest to reopen. Gift cards and generous tipping supports small businesses.

  • Social Media & Review Sites

Tag, mention, share, like, retweet, and check in on social media platforms. Engaging online helps now more than ever. Write up a review of the business on Google or Yelp.

  • Send Emotional Support

You can support small businesses in non-monetary ways. Share your thoughts, support, and love with them directly. Use a hashtag or mention them on social media. Give them feedback and let the businesses know that you are there, and they are not forgotten.

A small business is frequently the fulfillment of a life-long ambition or vision. The products sold represent the creativity, devotion, and enthusiasm of the small business owner. We all have dreams, and we want to be supported. When you shop local, you are not only supporting small business, but you are also supporting someone’s dreams and supporting the local community.

Consultance Accounting is a small business that prides itself on helping other small and medium-sized organizations make better business decisions.  Consultance Accounting’s approach has always been simple: to utilize knowledgeable people, innovative processes, and the best up to date technologies to provide clients with personalized and dynamic accounting services. Bookkeeping and accounting services have changed significantly over the years. Today this can be accomplished by leveraging dynamic applications, integrating them so they work together, and providing decision makers with real time information and key performance indicators that assist in making the best business decisions.

Consultance was established in 2007 with this vision in mind and over the years continued to transform how to deliver services as the industry has evolved. By providing web-based applications such as QuickBooks Online,, and Expensify, and making sure that all team members are continuously building their knowledge and expertise; Consultance can customize the applications to your business’ unique requirements.

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