Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations

Accounting for nonprofit organizations is complex and rather time consuming. Outsourcing nonprofit accounting allows your organization to focus your time on what really matters… your mission!

Over the years, Consultance has worked side by side with an array of nonprofit organizations. We have gained a deep comprehensive expertise in their unique needs and a broad perspective on their overall business challenges.

Our nonprofit clients are engaged in a variety of business types including healthcare, education, the arts, veterans’ assistance, civics, and the environment. Our goal is to help your organization reach the double bottom line- a balance between earning revenue and obtaining your mission, within the strategy for nonprofits. Our experience in supporting these types of organizations positions us to help not-for-profits increase their social impact and effectively serve their communities and members. We will customize financial operations for your organization that balances and meets fiduciary, management, and legal needs.

We are a technology-based accounting firm with the vision and expertise to deliver simplified, user-friendly, and cost-effective nonprofit services. We partner with best-in-class technology firms to create a customized platform that will tangibly reduce the amount of time and effort you must spend on paperwork. Our customers receive the highest quality services and proper technology platform for their nonprofit organizations to achieve their mission with maximum efficiency.


Here are some key ways we can assist your nonprofit organization:

  • Help track and manage donations, grants, programs, etc. for transparent and accurate real-time financial reporting
  • Analyze and improve internal controls
  • Develop standard operating procedures based on best practices for your core processes (e.g., allocating functional expenses across programs, solicitation registrations, etc.)
  • Create a budgeting and forecasting process
  • Provide governance support through financial and risk management reports to the board
  • Improve your cash management practices
  • Prepare for and support the audit and Form 990 preparation processes

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