Business Process Reengineering

To successfully expand your business, your back-office processes need to adapt. These changes can range from a minimal fine-tuning of your core workflows, to a major business process reengineering of your accounting operations and systems. Consultance assesses your processes and reengineers them to help your business excel. We can streamline your business work flows, create standard operating procedures and eliminate inefficiencies.

Our comprehensive tools will identify opportunities to reduce the time and effort spent on your back-office accounting functions, while providing you with timely and reliable information so you can make more informed business decisions.

Our thorough analysis includes:

  • An evaluation of your “current state” to understand your overall goals and business
  • A comprehensive Needs Analysis, to understand your desired “future state”
  • Discussions regarding your current pain points
  • Recommendations to reengineer your accounting operations
  • A detailed implementation plan to achieve your desired future state


  • Standard operating procedures that provide accountability and allow you to scale up more effectively as you grow
  • Stronger internal controls to increase the accuracy and security of your accounting information
  • Integrated and automated systems that minimize data entry and reduce errors
  • Operational efficiencies through enhanced workflows
  • More accurate, meaningful, real-time reports
  • Manage your accounting operations in a paper-less environment

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