Go Paperless to Cut Cost, Increase Accuracy and Reduce Time with Hubdoc

The promise of a paperless accounting system is fulfilled with our implementation of QuickBooks and Hubdoc. Hubdoc automatically extracts key information from your receipts, invoices, and bills putting an end to data entry and filing of paper documents.

Consultance Accounting will work on your behalf to set up your accounts with vendors, banks and lenders so that Hubdoc automatically pulls your accounting source documents into one secure hub. Every time a document is fetched or uploaded, Hubdoc extracts the key data and seamlessly creates entries in Quickbooks Online and with the original documents attached.

Through our integration support, Hubdoc transactions are automatically matched with your bank’s data in Quickbooks Online, thus audit-proofing your business. We can also establish vendor rules that are a powerful way to take greater control of how receipts, bills and statements are coded into your QuickBooks file.

You’ll benefit from using Hubdoc because you won’t have to chase and manage bills and statements any longer. As your accountants, we will have access to the documents we need, when we need them, without having to involve you in any tedious process. This allows us to focus on more impactful services, such as providing you with meaningful reports and the counseling you need to manage your organization effectively and with confidence.

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