Accounting for Associations

Consultance Accounting Services has helped many associations manage their accounting and finances more accurately, effectively and efficiently. Over the years, we have performed accounting, bookkeeping and CFO services for a wide range of associations. Whether it’s how to invoice and collect membership dues, allocating functional expenses across programs or managing solicitation registrations, we’ll draw upon our industry knowledge to ensure your organization runs more efficiently and ensure that it is aligned with best practices and industry standards.

Throughout the year, we provide you with timely and accurate financial data and analyses to identify opportunities for growth and cost reductions. At the same time we will help you improve the operations, efficiency and profitability of your association. With us handling the accounting, you can focus on what’s most important—your membership.

Accounting for Associations Features/Services

Here are some key ways we can help your association:

  • Help track and manage dues and other accounting funds, programs, events, etc. for transparent and accurate real-time financial reporting
  • Analyze and improve internal controls
  • Develop standard operating procedures based on best practices for your core processes (e.g., membership dues, tracking deferred revenue accounts, etc.)
  • Create budgeting and forecasting process
  • Provide governance support through financial and risk management reports to the board
  • Improve your cash management practices
  • Prepare for and support the audit and Form 990 preparation processes

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