Take Control of Your Non-Profit Finances with Cloud Accounting

If you’re the executive director of a non-profit, to say you are busy is an understatement. In a typical day, you likely manage fundraising, hiring, and countless strategic projects to support your mission. Plus, you’re responsible for the numbers. How do you manage your organization’s finances and books when you’re juggling so much?

For the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux Busby, having an accounting and bookkeeping solution that could ‘keep up with’ her busy schedule and requirements was imperative. This included the ability to review and share real-time financial reports with her board members, plus approve and pay invoices and record payments and donations—from wherever she happens to be: planes, trains, automobiles, hotels, or conference rooms.

This is one of the ways that Consultance Accounting helps non-profits achieve financial sustainability.

Solving the Non-Profit Need for 24/7 Accounting Accessibility

When Consultance Accounting CEO Orin Schepps visited NAFC to understand their requirements, it was clear that having ‘anytime/anywhere’ accounting access was a priority.

“Like many small not-for-profit organizations, NAFC staff members wear several hats—so it is the Executive Director who also manages the finances,” says Schepps.

“NAFC’s Executive Director needed a solution that works the way she works—constantly on the road. She can’t adjust her schedule and workflow to fit the accounting and bookkeeping system; it has to work the other way around.”

According to NAFC Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux Busby, “For us, any accounting and bookkeeping provider that did not allow real-time, online, paperless access was a non-starter.”

To address these needs, Consultance Accounting provided a complete cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping system that gave Lamoureux both flexibility and the freedom to keep control of her non-profit’s finances while also executing all of the day-to-day management and travel necessary to achieve its mission.

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