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Request a Proposal

Consultance Accounting Proposal Process:

We’d be happy to prepare a proposal for you. Here’s an overview of the process so you know what to expect:

  1. Get to know us. First review our website and obtain our Pricing Guide to gain a general understanding of our offerings and service packages.
  2. Help us to know you. Complete and submit your profile below. Also provide copies of your most recent financial statements. Your investment in time in providing this information on the front-end will allow us to understand your desired scope of services and provide you with an accurate quote.
  3. We’ll follow up with you. Founder and CEO Orin Schepps will call you within 48 hours of your request, to follow up on any open questions and see if you need additional information. Soon after, you’ll receive our proposal.

Company/Organization Profile:

To ensure our proposal effectively addresses your needs, it helps to know more about you. Please complete the following required information:

    Bookkeeping and AccountingController and CFO ServicesManagement ReportingBusiness Process ReengineeringAccounting System Optimization

    Credit Card and Expense TrackingInventory ManagementTimekeepingFixed AssetsSales and Use TaxesAccrued ExpensesDeferred RevenuesGrants ManagementFundraisingFinancial StatementsInternal ControlsAudit and Tax Support1099 Processingnone at this time

    Essential – Basic monthly servicesFull – Weekly services where we are more directly involved in your bookkeepingCustomized – Daily, comprehensive services

    Cash Flow ManagementBusiness Plan DevelopmentPerformance Dashboard Analysis and ReportsBudgeting and ForecastingRevenue Growth StrategiesCost ManagementRisk Managementnone at this time