People Process Technology

People Process Technology

Three Pillars for Success


Business Process Management and People Process Technology

In 1964, business management expert, Harold Leavitt wrote a paper called “Applied Organization Change in Industry” in which he conceived a model for creating change in an organization. The model is the People Process Technology (PPT) Framework, also referred to as the Golden Triangle, and it is a Business Process Management (BPM) Strategy. The Association of Business Process Management Professionals defines BPM as, “A disciplined approach to identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results aligned with an organization’s strategic goals.” Simply, BPM analyzes a business’ current status and recognizes areas of improvement to establish a more efficient and effective organization.

People Process Technology supports BPM as a basis for implementing organizational changes, improvements, and reengineering. As separate components, people, process, and technology are essential for organizational growth, transformation, and management. To achieve organizational efficiency, all three elements must balance and sustain good relationships and interactions among themselves.



People are the most crucial part of the triangle. ‘People‘ refers to the employees within the organization. The people are the ones who complete the tasks in the process, sometimes by means of technology. One of the main issues regarding the people aspect of this method is people are occupied or busy. Thus, the managers will have to wait for these right people to become available. Focus on the availability of the most productive employees. Hiring the right people is essential. Businesses need to identify their key employees with the right skills, experience, attitude, and values that align with the company’s culture. People also require clearly defined roles, so everybody knows their responsibilities. Thus, ensuring that the team consists of the right people with the right communication is also critical.



Process refers to the steps or actions to produce a particular goal. The process in the PPT framework mostly answers the “how” aspect. How will we reach our goal? How do we utilize the people and technology to reach this goal? Without processes in place, people don’t have a clear idea of what to do. Without people in place, processes don’t get done. Implementing processes in the workplace is not as easy as assigning a task or suggesting an activity. A lot of planning and coordinating goes on behind the scenes.

Here are some tips when introducing new processes in the workplace:

    • Make sure that your employees understand what their role is in the workplace
    • Identify all of the steps that you and your team members need to complete to reach the goals that you’ve set
    • Provide clear instructions to all of the individuals who are a part of the change
    • Implement a review system that will help your employees understand what you’re expecting of them with each new change
    • Determine what metrics and other measurements you’ll use to determine the success and completion of a task



The technology provides the tools that the people can use to implement the process. It also helps automate some parts of the process. Innovators and experts are coming up with new, helpful technologies and tools every single day. However, technology alone cannot solve all of your problems. Given the People, Process, Technology Framework, technology needs people and processes to work correctly. Too often companies make huge investments into technology to gain strategic advantages. The people and processes are a second thought. Then they try to fit the people and process into this new technology. But this won’t bring out the best outcome. Technology is nothing without the right people following the right process to support it. Thus, technology should always be the final consideration.


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