Online Bill Pay Online Bill Pay for Nonprofit Accounting

Paying bills puts a substantial amount of stress on nonprofit organizations. A disorganized workflow takes time away from concentrating on what is important, the organization’s mission and objective. The experts at Consultance Accounting have a little secret to establishing a consistent streamlined process to help your not for profit achieve maximum efficiency. The secret is, a virtual online bill pay solution for not-for-profit organizations as well as any business entity. This intelligent digital business payments platform is at least 2x faster than other AP methods.

There are always ways to improve efficiency and save time, money, and resources. This is especially true for nonprofits organizations who must reach the double bottom line, a balance between earning revenue and effectively completing the organizations mission. In fact, 92% of customers report greater efficiency. Automate payables and receivables with’s intelligent digital business payments platform system to remedy some of the below mentioned pitfalls. Continue reading to find out how can advance your nonprofit’s accounting and online bill pay system.


Nonprofit Accounting Bill Pay PitfallsOnline Bill Pay

  • wasting time manually entering invoices and searching vendor information
  • data entry errors, duplicate bills, and lost paperwork
  • late payments due to approval delays
  • hard-to-reach approvals
  • misuse of funds
  • time spent reconciling accounts


Bill Payment Solutions has a plethora of features that simplify payments, organize information, and much more while saving you time and money.

  • Fast and easy accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Variety of payment options
  • Easily find documents and stay organized
  • Access from anywhere with the mobile app
  • Smart data entry – Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) automatically captures and enters invoice and other information for your review
  • Stay in sync – automatically syncs with top accounting software
  • Gain visibility and control- See pending approvals, sent invoices, and payment activity in a glance from the dashboard

Online Bill Pay


Consultance is committed to providing technologically advanced accounting and bill payment solutions. This allows you to regain significant time, money, and resources for your nonprofit organization. Our commitment to continuous innovation improvements enables us to provide you with real time access to your financial information so you can make the best business decisions to improve the financial health of your NPO. connects with leading accounting software helping you to reduce manual entry, speed up account reconciliation and simplify every step of your workflow. Contact Consultance Accounting to learn more about saving yourself the time and stress of managing all your bills and invoices.

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