Law Firm Management Software

Law Firm Management Software

The last couple of years have sparked dramatic changes in our personal and professional lives. Now, the question that is on everyone’s mind is: what is next? Law firms have found new capabilities adapting and reshaping legal services by integrating law firm management software and cloud-based computing into their practices.

The 2021 Legal Trends Report published by Clio discovered,

“The majority of law firms adopted technology to a level never before seen in legal during the pandemic:

        • 85% were using some form of software to manage their firms
        • 83% were meeting clients virtually
        • 79% were storing firm data in the cloud
        • 73% accepted online payments
        • 62% supported electronic documents and e-signatures

Research data also showed the vast majority—95% or higher in most cases— plan to continue to use these technologies beyond the pandemic…”

What is Law Firm Management Software?

law firm management software

Law firm management software is a complete system that supports efficient daily operation management for legal practices. There are many options and customizations available depending on the firm’s needs/ objective, size, and area of expertise. Cloud based options are available along with seamless integrations with existing programs and software.


Key Features of the Software

There are many different law firm software programs that exist, and each offers unique key features. Below are a variety of key feature options available.

        • Security of Client Information and Firm Data
        • Client Relationship Management
        • Client Intake Forms
        • Legal Document Management: Document Signing / e-signatures
        • Document Storage
        • Document Automation: templates
        • Manages Case Files and Client Records
        • Online Payments
        • Coordinates Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Billing
        • Time and Expense Tracking
        • Task Management
        • Maintains Schedules and Appointments
        • Deadline Reminders
        • Facilitates Compliance Requirements
        • Contact Management
        • Insight on Firm’s Performance
        • Real-Time Updates

Benefits of Using Law Firm Management Software

Law firm management software provides many benefits for legal practitioners. It helps practices with organization, efficiency, time management, and reduces administrative errors.

A major benefit is consolidating and organizing information and resources in one place. This information can be accessed, managed, and maintained via app or on a home or office computer. Online payment options help firms to get paid faster. Increased productivity and time management is a huge benefit of firm management software. All cases, calendars, contacts, documents, and bills are organized in one location which creates efficiency and consistency.

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