Keys to Fueling Legal Firm Growth

Learn how Consultance can fuel your legal firm growth. Consultance partnered with the law firm’s leadership group to provide accounting support and systems, specialized knowledge, cutting edge technologies, and insightful financial analysis to ensure Berenzweig Leonard LLP’s (BL) practice could run smoothly and profitably over the long-term. Read the case study here.

Over the course of the 15-plus year relationship the Consultance Accounting team was instrumental in helping BL successfully address the following key challenges:

  • Establish and maintain financial controls, manage cash flow, and take responsibility for all aspects of the firm’s finances
  • Create a comprehensive cloud-based accounting system built on proven accounting software solutions as well as help the firm evaluate its selection of the best practice management software for their specific needs
  • Leverage detailed financial analysis to evolve its partnership structure from income-based to equity-based partners

Providing BL with ongoing financial expertise and practice management and accounting technology support ensured that the law practice exceeded its goals for key performance indicators and achieved operational excellence and the highest levels of client service. Learn how your firm can do the same.

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