Shady Grove Eye and Vision

Watching your business grow is amazing. But what happens when you start to feel overwhelmed and realize you can’t do it all on your own anymore? Who do you ask for help?

That’s the challenge Dr. Alan Glazier was facing as he saw his business, Shady Grove Eye and Vision, succeed and grow. He was proud and excited that his business was taking off so well but knew he couldn’t manage the finances by himself anymore. He needed expert help to continue to grow so he turned to Consultance Accounting.

The Challenge

“Business owners are proud and excited when their business grows and does well,” says Consultance CEO Orin Schepps, “but many reach a point of feeling overwhelmed with the increase in workload and responsibilities that comes along with success.”

Shady Grove Eye and Vision owner Alan Glazier knew he needed expert help with finances to continue to grow. “My business grew to the point where I couldn’t manage the finances by myself anymore. That’s why I turned to Consultance,” says Glazier.

“I needed someone hands on, proactive and analytical . . . someone who would be a partner for my success. Consultance fit that criteria exactly,” says Glazier.

The Solution

“What we have seen has been dramatic. We no longer struggle to pay bills at end of month, we have strong cash flow, and it has taken a lot of burden off me so I can focus on what I do best like seeing patients and making marketing decisions for the practice,” says Glazier.

Having Consultance keep an eye on things like a CFO is a key element for Glazier. “Raising red flags and helping me understand what was going on via the numbers, not just by intuition anymore, was critical at the juncture we started working together.”

“Orin enabled me to have the bookkeeping I needed to stay organized and he has educated me. I understand more about the business side of my business. We are leaner, more efficient financially and we have fewer surprises we have to deal with which makes everything more stable,” says Glazier.