Association of Old Crows

Your key finance employee leaves to take a job elsewhere. But it’s a tough economy and your nonprofit organization needs to downsize. What do you do?

The Association of Old Crows faced this issue and had already outsourced its IT functions, but needed to further downsize. When their accountant left, they had a tough decision to make: Hire a replacement or outsource the position.

The Challenge

The Association of Old Crows considered replacing their previous accountant with a part time, outsourced option during a period of downsizing.

“Outsourcing made a lot of sense since the accounting person was handling other tasks, not just accounting,” says Mike Dolim, executive director of the Association of Old Crows.

One of their board members brought Consultance to their attention. They talked with their auditor who also had great feedback about Consultance. After interviewing three outsourcing companies, Dolim thought Consultance’s founder, Orin Schepps, had a unique perspective and upbeat attitude.

“At the time, I didn’t know how painless it would be. I was worried about what level of effort I would need to make, but Orin explained the process and how easy it was to accomplish. Orin held our hands through the entire process,” says Dolim.

The Solution

“They have taken the burden of doing day-to-day bookkeeping off our shoulders. Consultance serves as my CFO, watches over my accounts and makes sure everything is being done so at the end-of-year audit cycle, I know everything has been taken care of. This means I can focus on management, not accounting,” says Dolim.

Consultance’s online technologies have also made it easier for Dolim and Consultance to share information and implement processes. Dolim says “Their technologies makes it more efficient on my end – it’s very easy to get things done.”

The most important outcome of all this? Dolim says “Accounting and bookkeeping is now something I don’t worry about as they are so thorough and reliable. I have peace of mind knowing Consultance is taking care of my accounting and bookkeeping.”